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What Can We Do if Someone Uses Our Trademark To Attract Visitors to Their Website?

Some domains can be trademarked, and some cannot. You don’t need a trademarked domain name to enforce your brand name and keep others from using related domains, but a trademarked domain name can help improve your enforcement efforts.

First of all, before registering a domain name, you should know the problems that can happen after registering a domain name. You can face a claim from another party who feels that they have a better right to the Domain. Mostly It happens when you register a domain name (intentionally or unintentionally) similar to a trademark registered by someone else.

If someone registered a domain name with an existing trademark that belongs to you, you are more likely to have a strong claim against the one who registers a domain name using your trademark and then uses it to sell similar goods. Most people do this because you have a high market share, and they can easily gain more traffic by using your trademark with less effort.

Even if the person has rights to the domain name, you can file a complaint against them for the violation of breaking into your property rights. The court can award punishment to the person to pay a specific amount of fine.

If the products on the website are not related to your trademark, then the position can become less clear. You will still have a strong claim if they try to pass themselves off on purpose as part of your business. However, this is a complex and changing area of law, so you should take advice and get help from the hosting company.


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